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Recent viewpoints

Democrats’ Diversity: Shaping The 2020 Election Narrative

by Vincent De Sanctis

A dozen or more candidates are pursuing the Democratic Party presidential nomination for 2020. They offer an array of policy proposals that impact health care, income inequality, p

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Ban Styrofoam This Year

by Susan Olsen

  By Susan Olsen Environmentalists are hopeful that the state-wide ban on Styrofoam food containers in Maryland might make it through this legislative session in Annapolis. 

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Gun Control Progress? Possibly. Is There More to Do? Absolutely.

by Larry Pifer

Polls show that the majority of Americans want reasonable gun restrictions but fear of the National Rifle Association (NRA) has made that difficult, if not impossible, to achieve.Â

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Elections Have Consequences

by Bob Potter

Even though the chaos seems to be increasing as we enter the third year of Trump’s presidency, the last Congressional elections are likely to provide some relief. The newly elect

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Talbot Democrats Gain, Start Looking to 2020

by Dominic Terrone

As the dust settles on the 2018 elections locally, statewide and nationally, Democrats look forward with far more optimism toward further success in the 2020 presidential election

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Now It’s Time to Vote

by Rick Schiming

Our right to vote is a civic treasure and a solemn responsibility. In the silence of the voting booth we exercise our first line of defense and our last resort for our democracy. W

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Want Change? Vote for Democrats

by Richard Calkins

Several prominent Republican columnists, fed up with President Trump’s mendacity and his congressional enablers, are making an unusual recommendation:  vote for Democrats.  Cal

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Jesse Colvin, A New Kind of Democrat

by Susan Olsen

Congressman Andy Harris has some serious competition this November.  As more people in Maryland’s Congressional District One are meeting Democratic candidate Jesse Colvin, they

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Elected Leaders Should Truly “Put America First”

by Rick Lynch

As we all remember, one of the main themes of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign for the presidency was “Put America First.”  But as we are now sadly witnessing, President Trumpâ€

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Why Can’t We Control Guns?

by Larry Pifer

Why Can’t We Control Guns? Did you think that after the Parkland shooting, in which 17people died, anything would be different? As we now know, nothing has changed. The rhetoric

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