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Are we serious? We might ask ourselves how any responsible person, possibly including David Harsanyi, could claim our Second Amendment rights would be threatened by not selling guns to suspected terrorists. Our Second Amendment demands a “well-regulated” militia, and the majority of Americans want sensible regulation. Even if we don’t interpret it that way, we do know that every right comes with restrictions.

  All things considered, though, it’s hardly surprising that a candidate described in the Wall Street Journal as having a “limited attention span” and known for giving “haircuts to his creditors” is our likely Republican presidential candidate.

It has been suggested that Republicans may be at a loss to deal with Trump because he is simply doing what they do – only better. Of course politicians will present themselves favorably; but we are finding that Republicans have been more than willing to mislead us – and Trump has doubled down.

A well-documented assessment of politicians’ statements by PolitiFact and the Center for Media and Public Affairs at George Mason University found 11 percent of Democrats’ statements false; but 32 percent of Republicans’ statements and 69 percent of Trump’s statements were found to be either “false” or “pants on fire.”

Even Fox News has called Trump out. Chris Wallace didn’t agree with his claims that Hillary wants open borders, wants to spend hundreds of billions on refugees, and was asleep during Benghazi.

Newt Gingrich made a feeble attempt to defend the statements, but George Will no longer calls himself a Republican. Trump’s attack upon a judge based upon ethnicity and Paul Ryan’s endorsement of Trump have caused him him to leave the Republican party.

We might hope the pendulum is swinging toward fact and reasonable discourse, if anyone is at all sorry to hear of his departure.