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I read the June 27, 2017, editorial in the Easton Star Democrat with surprise.  As a voter who is deeply concerned for all of my family, friends and neighbors locally and nationwide because of President Trump’s bizarre and erratic behavior, I take issue with the suggestion that Democrats are consumed with personal hatred for the man.

As a native New Yorker, but a Marylander for the past 25 years, I have known the Trump name since childhood from his dad’s “Trump Village” signs along the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn.  I’ve observed and heard Trump’s lewd and egomaniacal extramarital bragging on NY radio and have known him to be a flamboyant, overaggressive playboy-entrepreneur with a huuuuge ego. He demands loyalty from the people around him but is contemptuously disloyal to spouses, employees, subcontractors and anyone else who criticizes him.  He has always seemed to be an utterly spiteful person.

In many ways, he is a pathetic human being.  As CEO of the Trump Organization he could only harm the people who associated with him.  As POTUS, he is harming millions of Americans, harming the reputation and prestige of our country and is using his handful of ultra-wealthy cronies to swindle the vast majority of Americans out of our security and health while handing the wealthiest 1% (of which he is ranked) massive, unnecessary tax cuts and political leverage.

He can’t accomplish this alone, and his Republican political benefactors and Republican congressional accomplices are fully aiding and abetting these atrocities against the American people (including 98% of Republicans).  In short, it isn’t worth the effort to hate Trump personally. It is crucial, however, to articulate outrage against these charlatans of our Republican Democracy in no uncertain terms. Trump followers claimed to adore his politically incorrect “candor”.  But neither they nor Trump seem to be able to take candid speech back in their faces when confronted by the daily parade of official White House prevaricators.

The list of Trump’s daily lies as printed in this past Sunday’s NY Times should horrify all of us – not to hate Trump personally – but to resist his clear contempt for average Americans. His personal and business history is a litany of contemptuous behavior. Trump’s contempt for his two former wives, his subcontractors, his Republican Presidential Primary opponents like “Lyin’ Ted, Little Marco, Jeb Bush, Rick Perry, Carly Fiorina, Crooked Hillary, the generals, the US Intelligence community, NATO, the UN and especially, you in the press is unmistakable.  This is contempt for anyone who questions or disagrees with him whenever they do so.

Presuming that Democrats are personally “consumed” with hate Trump is a fundamental mistake.  You should understand that Democrats are fighting for our own future and for the futures of Republicans whom, frankly, seem unaware of the danger to themselves, their families, friends and fellow Americans. Apparently, either the little light hasn’t gone on in their heads yet, or they don’t grasp the socioeconomic danger we all are in with this lunatic fringe alt-right gang in charge in the White House.

The majority of Americans who voted against Trump did not think the Democratic Party was uninterested in our well-being.  Many gullible Americans were naïve enough to believe Trump’s manipulative BS about making health care cheaper and better.  They didn’t ask how. Trump had no clue.

Many gullible Americans believe Trump’s empty promises about putting coal miners back to work and saving all those jobs at Carrier and Ford, etc.  Well, Ford is moving a big factory to China and Carrier has laid off a large number of employees anyway.  And not only are most coal miners still not working in the mines, but they are about to lose their health insurance and eventually Medicaid.  This is catastrophic, especially for rural Americans nationwide.  And we should be aware that the Eastern Shore of Maryland is a rural area, especially here in Talbot County.

There isn’t time to hate Trump personally.  But as Americans, we need to protect our own socioeconomic interests.  Whiteness won’t help Republican voters when the insurance companies send them their cancellation notices. Donald Trump will simply laugh with another celebration in the Rose Garden out of contempt for the little people who comprise 99% of America. Then his conservative Supreme Court will simply vote in favor of big business, religious bigotry and white supremacy.  I suppose that is a factor in the Republican support for Trump.

If those of you in the press aren’t careful, your “failing” enterprises will get railroaded out of existence by Trumpism, too. Do you hate him personally?  No, but if you don’t fight him and his alt-right extremist accomplices tooth and nail now, it may be too late a year or two from now.  Resist. If you believe you are not enemies of the people, resist.