Talbot County
Democratic Forum


Democrats working together at the grass roots is the strength of our party

As the official club of the Democratic Party in Talbot County, the Forum seeks to mobilize Democrats, holds public discussion on vital issues, raises money to help elect Democratic candidates, and furthers Democratic ideals.

Following the progressive principles laid down by Presidents Roosevelt, Kennedy, Carter, Clinton and President Obama, the Forum also reaches out to the public via newspaper articles and letters to the editors and with knowledgeable speakers.

Forum Meets a Need

Started in the mid-nineties, the Forum met a need for a community of Democrats to become involved in the local Party and to make a difference in local, state and national elections. Forum members are activists who believe change is possible with an educated electorate and they have built their base upon that premise.

The Forum publishes and distributes a monthly e-newsletter,, runs symposiums of candidates, sponsors a Fourth of July booth, brings in speakers on key events, hosts social events, registers voters, and raises money in off election years so that in election years it can have a headquarters and is able to purchase campaign material for dissemination.

Staying Up to Date

Forum members come to demforum.com for the most up-to-date information on Forum events, calendar dates, and news. The Monthly Update section of our webpage features our monthly Forum newsletter.

The Annual Meeting is held in the Spring of each year of each year and officers are elected every two years. A noted speaker usually addresses the Forum members on an issue of consequence. The officers and Board are nominated by a select committee and presented to the membership as a slate. Yearly dues are collected in February. The levels of dues are Member: $25, Couples: $45, Supporter: $50, Associate: $75.

For More Information

The Democratic Forum may be reached at talbotdemocraticforum@gmail.com or P.O. Box 66, Easton, MD 21601.

The Forum welcomes all Democrats to become activist members and to strengthen the grassroots movement here in Talbot County.

Board of Directors

President: Mickey Terrone

First Vice President: Francine DeSanctis

Second Vice President:  Barbara Perry

Secretary: Bonnie Morro

Treasurer: Jim Franke

Board members

Monica Adkins

Susan DeLean-Botkin

Charlene DeShields

Lena Gill

Michael Hash

Rick Lynch

Lynne McGrath

Chris Robinson

Larry Pifer

Rick Schiming