Talbot County
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With government for the people and by the people

What does building infrastructure, improving health care, protecting voting rights, expanding economic opportunity, insuring clean water, and protecting women have in common? They are all included in bills passed by House Democrats and sitting on Senate Majority...

The Republican Party is no longer the Grand Old Party

     The Republican Party has been referred to for a century as the G.O.P., which stood for the Grand Old Party.  However, in recent decades, the party has failed to demonstrate anything “Grand” in their policies or behavior, beginning long before Donald Trump came on...

Annapolis 2019: Maryland is a Better Place

 For 90 days, 141 Delegates and 47 Senators considered 2,497 bills and resolutions in Annapolis. Each bill gets a hearing in a Committee. About a third of bills are presented to the Governor for final approval or a veto. Most bills never see the light of day in the...

Ban Styrofoam This Year

  By Susan Olsen Environmentalists are hopeful that the state-wide ban on Styrofoam food containers in Maryland might make it through this legislative session in Annapolis.  SB285 and HB109 have multiple purposes:  to support food waste composting and zero waste...

Elections Have Consequences

Even though the chaos seems to be increasing as we enter the third year of Trump’s presidency, the last Congressional elections are likely to provide some relief. The newly elected House of Representatives, now under Democratic control, will serve as a brake on the...

Talbot Democrats Gain, Start Looking to 2020

As the dust settles on the 2018 elections locally, statewide and nationally, Democrats look forward with far more optimism toward further success in the 2020 presidential election cycle. Winning the House of Representatives back by flipping at least 40 seats,...

Now It’s Time to Vote

Our right to vote is a civic treasure and a solemn responsibility. In the silence of the voting booth we exercise our first line of defense and our last resort for our democracy. When our elected officials fail us through avarice or complicity or misguided policies,...

Want Change? Vote for Democrats

Several prominent Republican columnists, fed up with President Trump’s mendacity and his congressional enablers, are making an unusual recommendation:  vote for Democrats.  Calling Speaker of the House Paul Ryan “one of the president’s poodles”, George Will’s column,...

Jesse Colvin, A New Kind of Democrat

Congressman Andy Harris has some serious competition this November.  As more people in Maryland’s Congressional District One are meeting Democratic candidate Jesse Colvin, they are getting excited. Folks on the Eastern Shore – on both sides of the aisle – have been...

Elected Leaders Should Truly “Put America First”

As we all remember, one of the main themes of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign for the presidency was “Put America First.”  But as we are now sadly witnessing, President Trump’s conduct of U.S. foreign policy is leading the United States to a different place in the...

Why Can’t We Control Guns?

Why Can’t We Control Guns? Did you think that after the Parkland shooting, in which 17people died, anything would be different? As we now know, nothing has changed. The rhetoric has quieted, the proposed congressional laws have not gone forward, and we, the citizens...

A Better Way Forward for Talbot County

Talbot County will be at a political crossroad in the election cycle of 2018. Voters are faced with crucial decisions on the future of the County. Public school funding is the overriding issue, but close behind are very substantive issues of public safety, health care...

Board of Directors

President: Mickey Terrone

First Vice President: Francine DeSanctis

Second Vice President:  Barbara Perry

Secretary: Bonnie Morro

Treasurer: Jim Franke

Board members

Monica Adkins

Susan DeLean-Botkin

Charlene DeShields

Lena Gill

Michael Hash

Rick Lynch

Lynne McGrath

Chris Robinson

Larry Pifer

Rick Schiming

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