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Can Our Democracy Survive Trump as President?

Just over a year into the Trump presidency, Republican Senator Bob Corker’s judgment of Donald Trump—that he “has not demonstrated that he understands what has made this nation great and what it is today”–has proved to be true.

We Don’t Need this Congressman

As a member of the obstructionist Freedom Caucus, Maryland Congressional District One Congressman Andy Harris is one of the most partisan, least productive members of the House of Representatives.

Is Trump’s America Still ‘The Leader of the Free World’?

Holding fast to the belief that most Americans remain very proud of our nation’s long-standing reputation as “the leader of the free world,” one cannot help feeling very distressed that our current president, as well as many of his most ardent supporters, seem now to...

Confederate Symbols Should Be Moved

In New Orleans, Mayor Mitch Landrieu has successfully led a campaign to move four Confederate statues from prominent places in that city. Three of the four were tributes to Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis and PGT Beauregard.  The fourth was a monument to the 1866...

Democrats Aren’t the Problem; It’s Trump

I read the June 27, 2017, editorial in the Easton Star Democrat with surprise.  As a voter who is deeply concerned for all of my family, friends and neighbors locally and nationwide because of President Trump’s bizarre and erratic behavior, I take issue with the...

Alt-Left? They Won the Second World War!

President Trump’s explanation of alt-left and alt-right, as two violent, mirrored extremes at loggerheads, was personally very enlightening. I now understand that allies such as my dad (T/SGT, U.S. Army Air Corps 1942-45), and my mother (CPL,Royal Air Force...

Talbot’s Shame Continues

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks American hate groups, has reported a significant increase in the number of hate organizations and their members in Maryland.  The KKK has their state headquarters in Rosedale, Maryland. There are several neo-nazi groups in...

Harris Is Wrong on Health Insurance

When Congressman Andy Harris spoke Thursday, Aug. 10, to the Cambridge Rotary Club, as reported in the Aug. 13 Star Democrat, he said some things about health insurance that are simply wrong. It’s not a surprise that Dr. Harris is clueless about the patient’s...

The Talbot Boys and Charlottesville

One dead, dozens injured at a white supremacist’s rally in Charlottesville, VA on Saturday. Racist marchers, with a torch-lit, MAGA-hatted chorus of Nazi sloganeering, assault unarmed citizens, clergy, and American values as the gutters run with blood, hatred,...

Generals can’t moderate Trump

Many are hopefully regarding Generals Kelly, Mattis, and McMaster, as “moderating influences” on Trump, restraining the President’s most ignorant impulsiveness with the steadying hand of their military experience: Well, Daddy isn’t coming home...

Rest easy and be well

We haven’t heard from Rick Kollinger in a while. It’s good to know that the Easton Star Democrat cartoonist and occasional columnist is doing well, and we do have something in common. My primary care provider, or “general contractor,” is also Dr. Schilling, and I also...

Democrats’ agenda for working and middle-class Americans

There is such an avalanche of reprehensible behavior and widening and deepening scandals and criminal investigations engulfing Donald Trump, his family and associates that it’s easy to miss the destructive and regressive policies coming from him and his complicit...

Andy Harris Again Votes Against His Constituents

The House of Representatives recently acted to kill the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s arbitration rule disapproval. That means that the Republican majority in the House wants financial services companies to be able to require their customers to submit to...

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